A New Decade

Stepping in the new decade I leave a lot behind For I choose not to carry forward Any burdens of negative emotions Smile is hard earned So that shall stay intact Expectations kept at bay Focus is on goodness Mindfulness of thoughts And self love is prime Keeping my inner child alive And integrating eachContinue reading “A New Decade”


Somewhere between the past you and future you there exist this messed up you who walks ahead abating storms with all the strength but often gets caught up in the whirlwind. There will be days when it may feel like forces are pushing you backwards, you may feel battered, tired, drained and closest to acceptingContinue reading “Transition”


Assertiveness or setting boundaries is another important tool on the path of self love. How often do you take up a responsibility even when you are neck deep in work, be it professionally or otherwise just because you couldn’t say no? If you fear hurting other people’s feelings and end up over commiting then rememberContinue reading “Assertiveness”

Mom…… Entrepreneur

We talk about individualism and equal opportunities yet we coin terms like ” “Mompreneurs”……..this irks me. Give me little time to explain why. Firstly, I am genuinely happy that people are finally recognizing the hard work women put in while balancing work and life. But on the other hand it disappoints me when our societyContinue reading “Mom…… Entrepreneur”