Union of Souls

I closed my eyes and saw flashes of galaxy A cluster of stars Sparkling in sky As if crystals engraved In backdrop of midnight blue With pink hues A luminescent ball Oscillating in the center And then splitting in two As if One soul rending in equal halves To follow different paths I reckon theContinue reading “Union of Souls”

Circle of life

Love taught me To let go of my pride Pain taught me To open my heart To Divine Distance taught me It’s a manifestation Of our minds Time taught me To be patient For things happen As per timeline but knowing you taught me How to embrace it all at once As if completing AContinue reading “Circle of life”

My Christmas Carol

Some childhood stories make a special place in your heart…..The Christmas Carol is one such story that stayed with me ever since I read it ……I don’t even remember how old I was when I first stumbled upon it but the child in me still loves it. The holiday season brings in some nostalgia …soContinue reading “My Christmas Carol”

Shades and hues

She couldn’t paint With perfection Such as him All she could do was Add a few hues Of blush pink In his palette of greys and blues A little bit of yellow For sunshine And a tad bit of red To blend and create An enchanting view of twilight With their silhouettes entwined © SakshiContinue reading “Shades and hues”

Beauty of expedition

We often Refuse to follow a path For the fear of destination But the truth is that Beauty lies in The expedition Every sunrise Brings new hues in the skies The darkness of the night Glitters with stars so bright Smile while your face Gleams in that light Live, laugh and Follow your heart UntilContinue reading “Beauty of expedition”

Nature’s Tenacity

The wind gushed Swiftly rushed And tousled my hair I tried so hard but The unruly mess Refused to adhere The sun then blared Teasingly glared Embosomed me in it’s warmth To scram from his arms I tried so hard but The perverse Refused to adhere The clouds took over Guffawed with thunder Then pouredContinue reading “Nature’s Tenacity”

A Path Unknown

On my way to abode, I saw a slick road In the daylight it glowed…… Oh! This should be explored… In adventurous mode I followed the trail of maple leaves A sight of disbelief…. The beauty got me spell bound, The birds making chirping sound Feelings so profound Nature got me astound…. The path isContinue reading “A Path Unknown”