Research for my next book

Just because marks are not visible that does not mean it doesn’t hurt. Emotional abuse may not leave scars on the body but it scars the soul………. I am doing a research for my next book, it’s in preliminary stage so not much can be revealed but It’s an attempt to highlight the plight ofContinue reading “Research for my next book”

Perfection or Excellence

Perfection is a flawed concept. It hampers growth and productivity both. If a person is stuck in perfection mindset, chances of them procrastinating also increase because their need to do things in a certain way, at a certain time would make them push things for a tomorrow that never arrives. Perfection is a result ofContinue reading “Perfection or Excellence”

Process of Healing

A repeated cycle of events or meeting different people, yet each leading to same triggers is a reminder from the universe, that there is still work left to be done. When the past emotional wounds remain unhealed, people stay stuck in the same loop. It is an indicator that inner work is needed. It’s importantContinue reading “Process of Healing”

Red Dot Challenge

28th May was the world Menstrual hygiene Day and as a part of the awareness drive on many social media handles women were to post their pictures with the red dot and hashtag #breaktheshame, I too participated in this campaign with the an intention of adding my voice to a Nobel cause like this. InContinue reading “Red Dot Challenge”

Reclaim the Power

By taking responsibility one gets liberated from victimhood. Pointing fingers at others for your misery keeps you in this loop of culpability which in turn diminishes the possibilities of growth. It’s time to reclaim the power we have over our own life…. To take the reins in your hands and embrace this beauty called lifeContinue reading “Reclaim the Power”

Social Distancing

Allow yourself to breathe in the stillness. Allow yourself to celebrate the luxury of nothingness. Allow yourself to nurture love and compassion rather than exercise remorse and racism. We are all in it together and together we shall survive. We are together stronger than a virus and the world will resurrect. Hope you and yoursContinue reading “Social Distancing”