Sword of Damocles

The world is falling apart For humans are walking around With fragmented souls Untouched unhealed With Traumas and pains Causing disease We took hundreds of years To establish an era of industrialization Let’s attempt to give half of it To build an era of Rehumanization Integrating healers, speakers Dreamers, soul seekers, change makers With openContinue reading “Sword of Damocles”

Spiritual amnesia

Some refer to spiritual amnesia As forgetting the goodness of God But the version I believe in is Forgetting who we are And then finding a way back to ourselves Detaching from our source Choosing a path for Ascension of our souls And then harmoniously blending In the vastness of our creator Just like everyContinue reading “Spiritual amnesia”

From I to Me

Spirituality is a journey From I to Me Beginning with collapse Of ego towers Feeling shackled in the dark caves Clutched by asphyxia And finally carving a path That leads us to meet The Divine in me And then see it in you For we aren’t just creations Of the creator We are the vesselsContinue reading “From I to Me”

Existential Crises

One fine morning I found myself Scattered in pieces A bit of me given For every role I play That got me thinking May be life is a role play But if it is Then where is the real me Did I lose myself completely Since then I am picking up pieces Not that it’sContinue reading “Existential Crises”

Unlearn to Relearn

It was destined to be!!!!! How many times have we heard that? How many times have we said that? Most of us are brought up with the concept of fixed destiny. Our subconscious is fed with this idea……time and again completely negating the concept of free will and freedom of choice. Learning is said toContinue reading “Unlearn to Relearn”