Research for my next book

Just because marks are not visible that does not mean it doesn’t hurt. Emotional abuse may not leave scars on the body but it scars the soul………. I am doing a research for my next book, it’s in preliminary stage so not much can be revealed but It’s an attempt to highlight the plight ofContinue reading “Research for my next book”


Sometimes things don’t go as per plan but everything happens as per divine plan ….. FINALLY Our Book “The Calling” is live. Here are the links. USA UK – Denmark – India – Australia – Canada – #booklaunch #amazonkindle #author #coauthor #book #life #stories #lifepurpose #spirituality #lifelessons #published #amwriting

Book launch

There isn’t much to say ….only that I can’t wait for the remaining hours to pass. To have had an opportunity to share the platform with 10 amazingly inspiring individuals and be the 11th is truly a blessing and I don’t think I could have asked for a better start. Yes there were a fewContinue reading “Book launch”