Breaking free

Oh yes! I do I deserve Peace and happiness Along with the Drizzle of rain To wash away past stains Sunshine and an open sky To spread my wings and fly Compassion Love Honesty Truth I deserve it all in Unbridled supply And since I had to create Space for all of that I nowContinue reading “Breaking free”

Power of Subconscious Mind

Out of all underestimated things, the one that tops the list is the power of our subconscious mind. May be because some think it’s too good to be true or may be because a few don’t like the idea of taking responsibility of their destiny. They are comfortable thinking that destiny is fixed and theyContinue reading “Power of Subconscious Mind”

Being Impulsive

Following impulse is good or bad I still gotta reckon but the decisions taken impulsively have majorly had a positive impact on my life. From choosing my graduation major to quitting my job …….. starting my own venture, infact this blog too all were impulsive decisions. I didn’t plan for any of them in advance.Continue reading “Being Impulsive”


Our childhood tales always had a positive note in the end. A lot of them also taught about the power of affirmations but either we missed reading those lessons or forgot them as time went by. We did not have Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Secret” back then (which is my favorite ) decoding the law ofContinue reading “Affirmations”