A New Decade

Stepping in the new decade I leave a lot behind For I choose not to carry forward Any burdens of negative emotions Smile is hard earned So that shall stay intact Expectations kept at bay Focus is on goodness Mindfulness of thoughts And self love is prime Keeping my inner child alive And integrating eachContinue reading “A New Decade”

Self Love

There is no better way to embark on the journey of self love other than realizing we are one with the Creator. Aham Brahmasmi or I am Divine is one of the great utterances from Upnishads. The deeper meaning states that we are all made with the same elements which are just arranged differently. ThereContinue reading “Self Love”

Just for today

I heard a very powerful statement today by Jason Silvia which went straight to hit the thinking button of my brain. In one of his interviews he casually said “And in the end, we are all going to die” We all know it. It’s no secret, yet it made more sense. It must have gotContinue reading “Just for today”

Affirmation 10.

Every hurdle, every obstacle Is a detour Leading me towards The purpose of my being PS: With this the affirmation series comes to an end, hope it added some positive vibes in your life. Ruminating on positive thoughts every morning since the last 10 days definitely added some in mine. Stay blessed © Sakshi Gangwani