Research for my next book

Just because marks are not visible that does not mean it doesn’t hurt. Emotional abuse may not leave scars on the body but it scars the soul……….

I am doing a research for my next book, it’s in preliminary stage so not much can be revealed but It’s an attempt to highlight the plight of women in or have been in committed relationships with narcassists or addicts. In the last two months I have collected data from over 35 amazing and courageous women spread all across the borders, who agreed to pour their heart and soul so that their stories give courage to the ones suffering in silence. The focus is not on individual stories but a collective. While working on this, the prominence of narcassism in LGBT community was also brought to my notice, I am dedicating one chapter on emotional abuse endured by members of the LGBT community. I am writing this to seek your help …..if you have or if you know someone who is going through this then please write to me at

If you have a story it ought to be told. Out of all the lessons life taught me, the most important is that when you add purpose to your pain ……it doesn’t hurt anymore.

There are so many out there feeling lost and directionless and lonely for sometimes it takes decades to realize what you are going through is emotional abuse. Anonymity is my assurance, no names will be mentioned and under no circumstances will your identity be revealed.

Disclaimer: I am not claiming emotional abuse is gender specific. Yes, men go through it too but as I writer I have the creative freedom to chose the topic I want to highlight, hence I have narrowed it down to women and LGBT community.

Much Love

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