That Lost Touch

They say it’s a new normal
But how could it be?
For I miss that touch
Watching friends and parents from afar
but can’t go and hug
Knowing a few of our loved ones
are unwell as they are
in this pandemic’s clutch
Yet we stand at a distance
In the name of isolation
While a part of us feels
torn and helpless
The fear, the uncertainty
The worry that is hovering over
Collective consciousness
Sometimes takes over
But I still wonder
How could it be our new normal?
For there are still dreams
Of wonderlust
There’s still hope
That time shall revive
The warmth of human touch
Impromptu plans
Holding hands, patting backs
Kisses and cuddles
Are not things of past
Maybe it’s just a pause
For us to value togetherness
And wait with patience
For the return of
That lost touch

© Sakshi Gangwani

Published by Sakshi

Certified Inner Anchoring Coach, Author, Blogger, Past Life Regression Therapist, Reiki practitioner, Entrepreneur ..... .. ..

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