Here and Now

Life unveils its beauty
Only when we learn
To be in here and now
Lost in the grief of yesterday
Or hope of a blissful tomorrow
We overlook the part
In which we are alive
That is our today
So open the casket
Stacked with your smiles
Saved for a tomorrow which
may or may not arise
Embrace today
By retrieving your fragmented souls
Integrate each part
And become your whole

© Sakshi Gangwani

14 thoughts on “Here and Now

  1. Life is all about today. There are no promises of tomorrow, and yesterday, will only make us lose sight of our true happiness.

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    1. So true. Thank you so much for reading

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  2. This is an A W E S O M E poem. I love it big.
    There was a beautiful song from old movie of 1965 :Waqt , has really awesome lyrics. I am sure you must have heard the song, if not do hear it! I adore this song.
    आगे भी जाने न तू, पीछे भी जाने न तू
    जो भी है, बस यही एक पल है
    ये पल उजाला है बाक़ी अंधेरा है
    ये पल गँवाना न ये पल ही तेरा है
    जीनेवाले सोच ले यही वक़्त है कर ले पूरी आरज़ू

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    1. Thank you so much for reading… I will listen to the song for sure

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  3. Simply beautiful. Yes, we often forget the notion that life is to be lived in the present.

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  4. This is beautiful! Bringing it back to the present moment always helps me feel a little better.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading


  5. What a nice capture !

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  6. That capture is gorgeous and your words are always motivating❤️❤️❤️

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