Self Love

There is no better way to embark on the journey of self love other than realizing we are one with the Creator. Aham Brahmasmi or I am Divine is one of the great utterances from Upnishads. The deeper meaning states that we are all made with the same elements which are just arranged differently. There is no duality. We are all energy bodies coming from the greater source of energy. Let me simplify this

Is it possible to remove a poet from his poetry or a writer from his story ? Don’t we all believe that there are parts of us in everything we create?
When we can’t separate ourselves from our creations then why should we be separated from our creator?

When there is no separation …… No duality then why do we hesitate in loving ourselves. Yes we all say that we do, but do we really?

Where do you stand in your list of priorities?

What did you do for yourself today?

When was the last time you took responsibility of your own happiness or misery?

Let’s not confuse self love with selfishness coz there is a thin line between the two, former is about setting boundaries and not giving up on things that truly make you happy while latter is about complete disregard of other people’s feelings and greed.

Discard the guilt around things you need to do for yourself and with all humbleness love yourself coz you are Divine.

For the next 28 days I will dedicate one post a day on self love. It would be a great pleasure to have you guys on board. If you have struggled with self love and self worth in past or still struggling please share your thoughts. We all are here to learn from each other.

Much love


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39 thoughts on “Self Love

  1. What gives me power to love myself is that Jesus loved me even before I was born. I am His creation, He is not mine. His love is strong, never frail, mine is frail. He never struggles with HIs self worth, He knows exactly who He is, God in the flesh. He gives me worth by loving me. I know very little about Hinduism, but I know Budda did not die for my sins, or any other religious figure for that matter, except Jesus. I will be interested in your post. I am not trying to refute your words or put them down, we are all seekers at different times of our life. I found at 35 the answers to my seeking heart in Jesus and no longer seek for peace. But am profoundly interested in how others believe. For all of us were born and all of us will die and then what????? For me the Bible answers all those and other questions through God’s love for me through His son Jesus Christ. blessings to you as you seek.

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      1. I am so happy that you have found your answers in your religion dear and I completely agree that we are all seekers. I am a believer of universal truth which is beyond all religions ………I don’t challenge yours or mine but anything that separates us for me is just an origin of human mind

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      2. She isn’t talking or preaching about any religion but rather talking about the importance of self love. You found the reason to love yourself in your holy book and there is nothing more satisfying then seeing someone love themselves yet there are many who struggle to be in terms with who they really are and what they really want out of life.
        Sakshi is just trying to help them with it by her words. So I seriously don’t think that arguing about religious beliefs is the purpose of her post but rather finding the chord for self love..

        Warm Regards
        Dee Kay

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      3. Sakshi, sorry I made you feel like you needed someone to back your words. everybody believes in something or someone even it’s themselves they believe in. It can be called self love or religion. I guess I have never felt like I have religion, just a person I put my faith in and it’s not myself but it makes me love myself cause He loves me. I probably will not comment anymore as my comments are taken wrong. you have a lovely talented way writing that draws profound thoughts out of me. Keep pouring your soul out through words and I will do the same but I mean no harm to you.

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      4. My dear Betty I never did or never will need anyone to back me but I do thank the ones who do it selflessly. I have said it before and I say it again I am so happy for you to have found a way to love yourself and for each of us different things work differently. I do not interpret you wrong and your words are always valued by me……… I am under no obligation to say that just stating the truth. ………… I respect your belief and would want mine to be respected too. You are a beautiful soul …don’t let difference of opinion deter you. To comment or not is your wish and you should follow what comes from your heart. My clarification was just on the comparison drawn between one religion and another. You are an amazing person and not having you around is my loss. Take care dear. Keep loving yourself just the way you do . Stay blessed


      5. Anything that divides us including some aspects of religion especially in today’s time when people are fighting in the name of Divine….. I fail to understand how can one be superior to another when it is all same. There is one creator who is neither mine nor yours but ours ………

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      1. We all have our individiual perceptions and faith….. I request you to let this remain a healthy place of exchanging ideas and not question other people’s belief system………none of us have a right to judge someone else’s faith


    1. Thank you Sonali❀️….. talking out if experience, trust me it’s in the darkest times when we truly find ourselves……self love is the torch that leads the way towards light …. easier said than done but it’s never too late to begin

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