Conspiracy of Angels

I feel
My angels
are at work

For often times
My pen moves
on it’s own

With a blank sheet
And no thoughts
On my mind

I sit in my den
Feet up
Back reclined

Scribbling away
Words that flow
Adding a few rhymes

Some caged thoughts
Get bestowed with wings
To take the flight

And before I know
My soul unveils
A part of me I don’t recognize

ยฉ Sakshi Gangwani

Published by Sakshi

Certified Inner Anchoring Coach, Author, Blogger, Past Life Regression Therapist, Reiki practitioner, Entrepreneur ..... .. ..

29 thoughts on “Conspiracy of Angels

  1. Beautiful…Sakshi in your post ‘surreal experience’ you spoke about angels and universe… Do you believe in them..I am asking because since few months I am attracted towards angel stuffs and everywhere number synchronization and sudden changes everywhere.. I am feeling a message in air but not able to figure it out exactly.. can you throw some light.. I am so confused right now.. because there’s something that I am missing..

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    1. I would be happy to help ……and to answer your question yes I am a believer in synchronicities and signs from the universe. I have replied to your comment …check it out


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