Before a person even realizes procrastination becomes a way of life. It’s not easy to shush that voice in your head that acts as your friend and asks you to deter all your action plans for a tomorrow which is pushed further for another time.

When you start your day with a priority list instead of a to do list chances are you will achieve a higher success rate by the end of your day. Prioritizing is the only way to manage time.

© Sakshi Coach

15 thoughts on “Prioritize

  1. True That. On point and so true.

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      1. You are certainly welcome!!

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  2. Thank you for reflective post. Since retirement from Health Visiting (public health nursing) Where our clients not tick boxes were our priority I have struggled at times with e eryday ‘stuff’ and felt pressurised maintaining my social contacts thus cancelling the contacts. This post has helped me revisit my priorities who should be mysocial contacts and not ‘stuff’ akin to clients not tick boxes.

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    1. I am so glad you found this helpful Margaret… makes me feel like the purpose of the post is solved 😊

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      1. Yes Sakshi, it certainly helped me to reflect, thank you 😃

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  3. CaputuringmomentswithAshee September 29, 2019 — 3:38 am

    I need to start prioritising more and hopefully,
    see some results as well

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    1. I am glad this post made you reflect on change required 😊


  4. today I started my day with a priority list with Sakshi’s posts at the top

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    1. Oh my … …..much much humbled. And I hope it won’t be considered as wasted time😄

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      1. of course not, you write well and write so much. always a pleasure to read

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