Perfectionists spend their life
Behind the lenses of prejudice
Evaluating and calculating
The wrongs and rights
As per their eyes

Embrace imperfection
For once you remove
those glasses from your eyes
You will realise
These little flaws
Add to the beauty of life.

© Sakshi Coach

Published by Sakshi

Certified Inner Anchoring Coach, Author, Blogger, Past Life Regression Therapist, Reiki practitioner, Entrepreneur ..... .. ..

20 thoughts on “Imperfections

  1. Perfection an imperfection.. these two subjective terms might tend to drive people crazy..!!
    However, don’t you think there are benefits in a pursuit towards perfection? Take the case of the Japanese products and society in general – not 100% perfect, but quite synonymous to “perfection”..
    Of course, this is just a personal opinion.. Would love to hear your views as well..!!

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    1. These terms for sure are subjective and yes things do have Pros and cons both my point here is that perfection makes a person want to micro manage everything coz they are not able to let go of a fixed template for things …….it also makes them judge others for the choices they make ………in such cases it becomes a road block for your own success

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      1. I agree with you on Micro-Management.. It is a big menace in India..
        A person who devotes his or her time micro-managing others and judging them with his or her personal opinions are worth nothing.. they are willingly doing a disservice to themselves..
        Having said that, being perfectionist only on an individual level and trying to achieve excellence is a virtue in my opinion.. don’t force others, but yes, try to be excellent yourself.. don’t you think??

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      2. Completely …… A comment by Manoj resonates with my thoughts that if we wait for perfection to begin things ….we end up nowhere…. .but if we begin and then aspire to achieve excellence then it works in our favor

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  2. Well said. There is no thing like perfection exists in the world. There is always a scope of becoming better. People keep waiting for perfection to start something and ultimately they never able to start that thing. Start with imperfection and you will keep better with time.

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