Your Uniform

An ode to the soldiers who lost their lives in Pulwama attack ………hearts ripped ….families split …….and some love stories unfinished……….when the rest of the world was celebrating love, some lost theirs in this act of violence….RIP

I Refuse To Give Up

Your uniform

drew me towards you

Your uniform

Pulled us apart

The last time

When you got ready

To depart

You hugged me

As if it was our last

Your lips stayed on mine

Pouring all the love

In your heart

I had a premonition

It didn’t feel like separation

Was more of abscission

Coz I didn’t give you

I made you my heart

And then you never returned

And never did my heart

They couldn’t find your remains

Here I have it in my hands

The very same uniform

PS: inspired by a true life event. My respect for our men in uniform grew by 10 folds when I heard this incomplete love story.

© Sakshi Gangwani 2018

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Published by Sakshi

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29 thoughts on “Your Uniform

  1. क्या ख़ूब…

    वहाँ ख़ून भी मेरा बहा है…
    यहाँ आँसू भी मेरे बह रह हैं…
    यहाँ ख़ून भी मेरा आक्रोश में हैं…
    वहाँ ख़ून भी मेरा इंक़लाब में शामिल था…

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  2. Its just been so heart breaking to witness whatever is happening post attack. The country lost its soldiers, its an irrecoverable loss for the families of the martyrs and also every single person of this country and ever since the narrative has been shifting from there to every irrelevant point which can be fathomed possibly.
    I have been trying to keep those emotions inside but your poem just couldn’t let me
    Thanks for sharing this.

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  3. A most beautiful tribute, Salkshi. Brave are those who fight in the name of freedom and protection of their nations and give their lives freely.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You are welcome and thanks for posting it. Yes, it is terrible. I’ve been listening to what just happened in Kashmir – terrible.

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