Awkward silence

Sam and Sasha were college sweethearts, the kind of people who give others relationship goals, the perfect example of friends and lovers. Their story it seemed was straight out of a clichéd romantic novel. But as college got over, life happened. They moved to different parts of the world in quest of their individual dreams, bringing an abrupt end to their forever and ever. Today after 15 long years they accidentally bumped into each other …….

Sam (perplexed): Hey hi, ummm how have you been?

Sasha(wide eyed): Oh my God! Are you for real ? I mean …I can’t believe we are meeting like this.

Sam ( smiling) : How about catching up over a cup of coffee? My favorite place is about 5 min away …..ummmm If you have time?

Sasha: How can I say no to coffee? It’s still an addiction you see…..( Smiling wider)

Cafe Nosh was an upmarket cafeteria that had an imperial ambience, the place was decorated intricately and tastefully.
They opted for outdoor sitting as it was a pleasant day. Sam was a regular here but today the lush green trees, that dilapidated tomb building and the setting sun adding hues of orange in the sky made the day look exceptionally beautiful….. or was it Sasha’s presence? Shaking his head, he pushed that thought away………

Sam ( looking at the glow on Sasha’s visage and thinking …”damn she still has the same effect on me” ) : uhummm (clearing his throat) So tell me ….. How is work? How is husband ? How is life in London?

Sasha: Do you want me to answer all that in one go or am I allowed to breathe ( grinning) Ok, so work is good. I was actually here for a conference and flying back tomorrow evening. Husband is good and a busy man. And living in London was always my dream but I strangely miss India a lot ……. Sighing . Cut… copy… paste the same questions to you…. of course except the husband one ….which brings me to the most important question ………When are you getting married? It’s high time!

Sam: ( laughing) Well I have come close to it twice but somehow I am never sure. You are the experienced one …so you tell me ……how many times did you fall in love to know who was the right one?

Sasha: (frowning) I’ll give that a pass.

Sam: (raised eyebrows) Ahhhh need time to calculate???

Sasha: My life has not been half as dramatic as you think Mister……but my brain for sure is complicated……I think it’s a wrong question or may be I don’t understand it……….that’s why thought of giving it a pass, but if you must know I think to fall in love multiple times, you oughta fall out of love a few times ……and if you fall out of it ….how do you call it love ?

I mean if it gets over, it isn’t love right …..for love is something that stays even when people don’t. ……..So the answer is once ……….( Abruptly stops …..looks at Sam nervously)

And the evening ends with an ….. Awkward silence……….

© Sakshi Gangwani

PS: This is the first time I have attempted a short story ……..just thought of trying something new. Hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Published by Sakshi

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62 thoughts on “Awkward silence

  1. ‘Love’ is quite a controversial topic when someone tries to define it. I partially agree with Shasha that it’s not love if it’s over but then love is a two way highway so maybe it isn’t love for the one who fell out of it but it could be for the other person. And I believe that love can happen more than once. 😊
    That was about the message that the story gave now coming to the writing..
    I love the rawness of your writing style especially the conversation as it actually brought the characters to life. The dialogues were realistic so full points there 😊
    One advice, don’t let go of this rawness in your style..

    Much Love
    Dee Kay

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    1. Oh it so is Dee Kay . Let me start with first thanking you for giving your valuable feedback … It means a lot😊…….Sasha was talking about her view on love …not in general ……..I totally agree with you on it can happen more than once …. .it’s too vast to be constricted ……. sometimes you fall in love with someone else and sometimes with the same person again and again …..but the degree varies for sure 😀…. coming to my writing …trust me it was an impulsive scribble …. didn’t give it a lot of thought to it …I guess that is the reason for the rawness……. thank you from the bottom of my heart for overlooking the mistakes and enjoying it in raw form ……I don’t think I am meant for finesse 😜❤️

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      1. I totally understand that Shasha was putting forward her POV and her experience might have made her feel that particular way 😊

        Trust me, some of the best works come to the artist through sheer impulse 😋 (personal experience)
        I always tell Roy that sometimes it’s the writer who dictate a story and sometimes it’s the story who is in charge. 😇

        You’re most welcome..

        Much Love ❤️
        Dee Kay

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      2. Ahhhh thanks again Dee Kay ………that is such a beautiful thought ……i’d like to believe in my case it will be the story who will be in charge………I feel more like a poet than a writer 😊❤️……… would love to have your valuable feedback again


    1. Awww thanks a ton …….I was so not sure if it will be liked …….so Happy it captured your attention ……part 2 of this I am not sure …..but with your encouragement will attempt more 😊🌼

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  2. Good morning gorgeous,
    You had me hooked with the dialogue, especially the format of a script for a play, and the unspoken secrets and whispered romance and just a dash of longing and perhaps regret…and the sparks of chemistry. ..I loved it. Are you sure it’s the first time you’ve attempted this?!
    More please! Thank you!


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello beautiful ….
      You read between the lines and the hollow spaces gave away their hidden emotions… got each one of it right❤️💕…. Uh-huh first attempt at story writing …….an impulsive scribble ….so happy you liked …….will try some more …….a big hug of gratitude 🤗❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah. ..reading between the lines is one of my specialities.
        Let’s just say it resonated.

        Please do write more like this.
        It sours you honey . A side to you we rarely glimpse


        Liked by 1 person

      1. Keep it up!!! I love such short stories and conversations and the fact that it made me stepped into the shoes of character, made me more interested in your work!!!
        Such is the blessing you possess, you involve everyone deeply into your writing!!! Go on❤

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I love this!! I have always wondered if love ‘ends’ was it love in the first place! These lines say it all, ‘you oughta fall out of love a few times ……and if you fall out of it ….how do you call it love ?’
    This is one beautiful story Sakshi. I’d love to read more on this, the lives of Sam and Sasha when they were in college 🙂
    By the bye, I think I will run if I ever chance upon my ex. I definitely will not be able to make a conversation.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so good to hear from you……. I am not sure if I would want to take this ahead or backwards …..just feel the beauty of few things is maintained when they are incomplete……it’s weird but then so am I 😜. Why run …..who knows which encounter brings what …..if nothing else sometimes it brings closures ….#justathought


      1. That’s true. Some things are better left where they are like some things left unsaid, or some gestures left to comprehend without being explicit. 🙂 And in a way the story is complete in its incompleteness.

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