What if

One of the most beautiful things I have read recently…. couldn’t resist reblogging


Pic : Self

What if
we are here
as just
an extension
of a virtual reality,
but actually existing
in another world,

where you
and I
sit next to each other,
plugged in
to the realism
of this virtual world,

here where
the original identies
are physically hidden,
but our overt
still manage
to give subtle clues
that reveal our souls,

where you and I
are beyond
each other’s reach,
beyond that touch
which in our world
is a known home
to both,

what if
a lifetime here
is but an hour
in that realm
where we actually exist,
and as such
our separation
is only a myth,

what if
when the hour is up,
and the involving
of this playful game,
and all the events
that without choice
it entails,
is finally over,

and we do
get to share
our stories
of this strange adventure,

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