Disclaimer: This is a one sided account , I am sure there are similar stories on the other side of the border too …… was a suffering endured by a heart split into two. Love and peace to all

I am writing this today as an ode to my Grandparents, who brought us up with the tales of a land they called their home ….Sindh (now in Pakistan).

My grandmother had 6 more sisters, so when India and Pakistan were declared separate Nations in 1947 her father hurriedly got all 7 of them married for he was worried for their safety. A woman without a man was like a piece of meat in front of a hungry lion . Women were being raped , kidnapped held captive all in the name of Freedom of Nations.

All of sixteen years old she married my grandfather and together they left their home, land, all other belonging and fled to India.

We have heard horrid tales of how they witnessed mass murders. My grandfather chopped off his shikha (tuft of hair at back of the head of Hindu men) with his knife to save his life while traveling in a train to India. They traveled in those trains with blood of people flowing between their feet and their own drained out of their bodies out of fear.

They went through the worst phase of that time…. saw the worst things humans could do …..yet one thing was intact …….The love for their land , the love for their people who were left behind, irrespective of which religion they belonged to.

No one religion was doing this to another, these were humans harming humans……Hate when conquers a heart, throws humanity out the system.

I was very young when Baba (grandfather) left us but Dadi (grandmother)IΒ have seen used to have this gleam in her eyes whenever she talked about Sindh. She died with a hope that one day she will go back to the place where she left her youth behind …….A place she called her home.

This makes me think that how easy it is to forget pain, to forget sufferings ….all that stays in the heart is Love. Only Love is real.

May be, just may be one day I will fulfill her wish and see her land through my eyes.

Β© Sakshi Gangwani 2018

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55 thoughts on “Partition

  1. I’m really touched by your post, Sakshi. Thank you for writing this. The Partition was indeed a dreadful period in the history of India and the more I read and watch anything to do with it, it breaks me. Have you read Train To Pakistan? When you said that only love is real, I was reminded of the lesson in that book.

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  2. Beautiful tribute to your grandparents and their land … the partition was wickedly cruel and the killing was equally cruel on both sides 😦
    There is no reason why you can’t visit their homeland, may you go in peace and love πŸ™‚

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  3. Sakshi your post reminded me of my grandmother’s wish to see her long-lost land which my family had to leave when they migrated from East Pakistan. She has been telling me tales of her childhood, of crossing the many web of rivers when she was married off at sixteen (as well), all that she did, climbing trees in their many orchards, swimming in their many ponds, the family Durga Pooja and how she misses them. I wonder what remains there. I have to relive the her memories! Thank you for this post Sakshi.

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    1. I am so happy that you resonate Parikhit . We are lucky to carry the genes of these people who were full of love ……so glad they didn’t pass on the hatred to their next generation instead their reminiscence of their land left us curious to know more about it. Happy Independence day

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      1. Absolutely. Even after losing all that they had, the lives they had to let go, uprooting their very existence, they only reminisce the good times. I remember being at Amritsar last December and heading to the partition museum. It left me with a strange sense of loss and yearning. I have frantically reading all that I can lay my hand upon about partition and the desire to go to present day Bangladesh and Lahore only strengthens.

        Happy Independence Day to you too.


  4. What a wondrous post, Sakshi. It is so sweet and tender and i love the line that it is not about religion – just humans hurting humans. It is heart breaking to think we still have it in so many places on our planet even today. I pray more people see it as you do – through the eyes of love. Thank you for these amazing words. πŸ™‚

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  5. Really touching ……..
    This post is really a great tribute to your grandparents . Now we all are loving your grandparents just like our grandparents .
    Thanks for sharing this lovely as well as touching story from your own life .
    & Also feeling

    May God bless with the strength for fulfilling her wish

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  6. I am still searching. For a lost loved one left behind in India, near the border, but far from family. It has been 70 + years. Hope that you get to visit your ancestral home and that I can somehow find mine.

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  7. It seems every land and people has had this kind of hardship where human walk the human way without love. The bible says our hearts are deceitfully wicked and your story proves it as so others. Every culture I have studied, even ours has the killing for what is right in each ones eyes. I know how much I missed my home land when we lived overseas, so much I burst into tears seeing the flag when landing in America. But I know America has had their share of bloodshed and hatred, it goes on today. One only guard their own heart against hatred, each individual can only love, we cannot love for others but hope wants to have a positive impact on someone toward love instead of hate. Wonderful but hard to read post.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading it so deeply …and I completely agree with you each culture has a gruesome tale in its background but as long as we shield our hearts with love humanity has hope. Much humbled by your presence. Thank you again


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