Kadam chota, change bada

We are proud Delhiites, after all we live in the capital of India .

As per WHO survey our city has the worst air quality as compared to any major city of the world and this is nothing to be proud of.

I am a mother of a nine year old boy ,who is suffering from asthma since he was four. You can not imagine the trauma of a parent whose child is asthmatic until you step in their shoes and these aren’t pretty shoes.

Those midnight tours to the hospital’s emergency……those sleepless nights of observing his breathing pattern…….looking at him with those worried eyes when he returns breathless from a football game……. It’s not easy.

A constant fear of what if he gets an asthama attack almost made me paranoid. And then there is anger, on why our government is not doing anything about the pollution in our city? Why can’t they take some major steps to overcome this issue?

With these questions also came realization of,

what are we doing? How are we helping in making our air breathable?

Big changes come by taking small steps

It was my son’s 7th birthday when I thought we should start with educating our little ones about it, since they will define our future. His friends were called for the party and were told about the importance of environment. Each one of them planted a sapling and made a promise that on their respective birthday’s each of them will plant a tree. It was a green birthday party and loads of fun.

It’s been two years and many of them follow this as a tradition and it makes us very proud because change begins at home.

If we don’t do it ..no one will do it for us.

It’s nothing big but this small realization is enough to make these children responsible citizens and take bigger steps in future.

Isn’t it a kadam chota, change bada.

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11 thoughts on “Kadam chota, change bada

  1. It’s inspiring that your seeding the importance of the environment in your child’ mind at a very young age itself.I really appreciate that.Change should begin from the family,it’s absolutely true👍🏼🙌🏻👏🏻💕😊

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