I am not religious. I am spiritual.

Believe me it’s not easy….being an Indian and not religious . ….it’s almost a sin.

I remember Mom scolding me every now and then ……..

“kabhi toh mandir Jaya karo” ( sometimes visit the temple) and my reply was always that” my God is within me ” which strangely used to come across as an excuse of not visiting the temple.🀨

All these years and she still sometimes tells me this.

Anyways my family now, knows me, and they have gotten used to me being me.

But the strange thing is that my paintings were always of Hindu Deity’s. I just couldn’t come to paint anything else.

May be it was my way of expressing gratitude. May be deep within I too am religious …..I don’t really know, but they were a great source of catharsis.

I did my last canvas sometime in mid 2013 and haven’t picked up my brushes since. I started my own business that year and couldn’t take out time to paint after that. May be one of these days I’ll start again……let’s see.

I came across a few picture of my paintings and couldn’t help writing this post .

Sharing a few of them with you all . Hope you like them.

Serenity. Half face of Buddha.

Mahadev.( Shiva) After winning a battle here stands the Mahadev glorious and victorious.

Vighneshwara (Ganesh) Destroyer of all obstacles.

Godh (Lap) : Shri Krishna in his mother’s lap.

Magic of murli Shri Krishna playing flute.

Β©Sakshi Gangwani 2018.

Published by Sakshi

Certified Inner Anchoring Coach, Author, Blogger, Past Life Regression Therapist, Reiki practitioner, Entrepreneur ..... .. ..

16 thoughts on “Paintings

  1. Thank you for sharing.. Beautiful paintings.. Each of us has his or her own way of believing in “God” (or something else).. Personally I don’t believe, which doesn’t make it easier sometimes.. But i do believe in respect for others and can only admire how people do believe..

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    1. As long as we don’t question other people’s belief’s it’s perfectly ok. I can’t breathe without my faith in supreme. They say to each his own…so whatever helps u sail through is fine.
      Thank you for appreciating my attempts(paintings) 😊


  2. Beautiful paintings! i so agree with you – it is our own relationship with our soul – deep within us as love, sweetness and pure joy…or however else we experience that pure consciousness…I love your rendition of Sri Krishna in the lap of His mommy!!!! thank you! πŸ™‚

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