Disclaimer: This is a one sided account , I am sure there are similar stories on the other side of the border too …… was a suffering endured by a heart split into two. Love and peace to all

I am writing this today as an ode to my Grandparents, who brought us up with the tales of a land they called their home ….Sindh (now in Pakistan).

My grandmother had 6 more sisters, so when India and Pakistan were declared separate Nations in 1947 her father hurriedly got all 7 of them married for he was worried for their safety. A woman without a man was like a piece of meat in front of a hungry lion . Women were being raped , kidnapped held captive all in the name of Freedom of Nations.

All of sixteen years old she married my grandfather and together they left their home, land, all other belonging and fled to India.

We have heard horrid tales of how they witnessed mass murders. My grandfather chopped off his shikha (tuft of hair at back of the head of Hindu men) with his knife to save his life while traveling in a train to India. They traveled in those trains with blood of people flowing between their feet and their own drained out of their bodies out of fear.

They went through the worst phase of that time…. saw the worst things humans could do …..yet one thing was intact …….The love for their land , the love for their people who were left behind, irrespective of which religion they belonged to.

No one religion was doing this to another, these were humans harming humans……Hate when conquers a heart, throws humanity out the system.

I was very young when Baba (grandfather) left us but Dadi (grandmother)I have seen used to have this gleam in her eyes whenever she talked about Sindh. She died with a hope that one day she will go back to the place where she left her youth behind …….A place she called her home.

This makes me think that how easy it is to forget pain, to forget sufferings ….all that stays in the heart is Love. Only Love is real.

May be, just may be one day I will fulfill her wish and see her land through my eyes.

© Sakshi Gangwani 2018


Break Time

Hey guys

Thank you so much for the love and support you all have showered me with I don’t think I could have survived without all this encouragement.

Coming days are packed and hectic but super exciting as I’ll be away for my Past Life Regression Therapy Certification.

There is a lot concentration and Soul cleansing required , so writing is going to take a back seat for a while. I will try and pop up in your comment boxes every now and then though. 😊

I am sure I will be back with some interesting stories to share with you all.

My gut is taking summersaults as I have been waiting to do this since so long .

Keep your encouragement and support alive.

Much love



His way with words

And charm works

Everytime she runs and hides

She’ll be strong, finally decides

The forces go against her

And she gets pulled

towards the tides

Both are stuck on

A roller coaster ride

Neither chide

Nor pride

Offers any respite

Is it worth

Putting up the fight

And soak the light

Or stay mesmerized

in the beauty

Of this Twilight

© Sakshi Gangwani 2018


It takes two to make it

It takes two to break it

Some people just

can not fake it

If you must then

heal the wound

Don’t rake it

Denials may offer

temporary relief

Be honest and

Stand by your belief

Don’t retrieve

Offer a reprieve

© Sakshi Gangwani 2018

The Lost soul

Somewhere in the

quest unknown

Seeds of love were sown

But there was a lack of sunlight

So she got up and turned right

But half way through realized

She’d left her soul behind

A new quest is on roll

In search of that Lost soul.

© Sakshi Gangwani 2018

It’s complicated

The best things in life

Don’t come without a fight

First Ray of light

Sun so bright

Rises after

the darkness of night

Break of dawn incites

Hope’s fimiliar sight

Heart and soul in plight

Find a way to smite

It’s a complicated life

Conundrums arise

They are blessings in disguise

Keep no place for fright

Keep calm and be wise

It’ll be over in a trice

Yes the complicated life

Things don’t come without a fight

Do it with all your might

Be a magnetite

Fate you can rewrite.

© Sakshi Gangwani 2018

Only you

Your happiness

And smiles

Your scuffles

And troubles

Your hopes

And desires

Your gains

And fails

All belong to you

Only you

Dream and be relentless

Love like a hopeless

Smile with wholeness

Laugh like there’s no tomorrow

Coz life my friend

Can never be borrowed

It belongs to you

Only you

© Sakshi Gangwani 2018

Drought (Haiku)

Just after the rain

There befalled the horrid drought

And nothing was same

PS I usually don’t believe in following techniques. This is my first attempt at haiku…..just felt like doing something new.

© Sakshi Gangwani 2018

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