Falling Star

Like a falling star
Leaving a trail of sparkle behind
No destination in mind
Getting sucked in by gravity
As if the strings that held it in the sky
Snapped one at a time

If only I could be that falling star
Leaving behind a streak of light
While people gaze with awe
So they make a wish before I burn out
And disappear in the ink blue sky

Only to find my peace when
With dust I emulsify
As by becoming one with
the rest of the creation
Is the only way to experience
The true meaning of union

©Sakshi Gangwani

Gratitude Journal

Almost everytime I mention a Gratitude Journal, I am told “Oh I began but couldn’t continue for long” ……. …
I guess it is the easiest thing to give up on because in all honesty, there can be so much one can be thankful for in life at large, right?
Friends, family, work, food, home etc. etc… And then words recede and list reaches a saturation point. But then, how about making a shift from the macro picture to the micro view of life? How about bringing your focus on things you are grateful for today and then journal everyday?

  • Those 10 extra minutes of workout you
  • took out today.
  • That book you could finally finish reading.
  • That messy sandwich your kid prepared which oozed out love in every bite.
  • Those extra few minutes of self care.

Trust me, you will always have something to be grateful for when you focus on your everyday.

Gratitude journal helps you stay grounded, helps you stay positive, and also is used as a mindfulness exercise because it brings your awareness to your present. On days when nothing seems right when you flip through the pages of your journal, you will always find a reason to smile. So if you have not tried maintaining one then begin from today…… it’s worth documenting happy memories.

© Sakshi Gangwani

Core of Existence

With the betrayals of past
In her wounded heart
She tried lovlessness
To numb the pain it invoked
But it disconnected
Her from her soul
She may not exist
For him anymore
Yet she chooses to
Gravitate back
To nurturing love
Which is
rambunctiously present
At the core of her existence
Inspite of the atrocities
Of the world

© Sakshi Gangwani


What is happiness?

A mirage maybe……..

Which everyone is busy chasing

The ones with empty pockets

Think of it as something in the destiny

Of privileged

While the ones who have

material pleasures

Still yearn for it

The ones who claim togetherness

Cannot ignore the void

In their relationships

And the ones who have

distance in between

Often wonder

How would it be like

To be by each other’s side

And amidst all of this chaos

Thinking maybe happiness

Is for another lifetime

A heart eventually settles for peace

© Sakshi Gangwani