All Things Shared

Shared fervor
Shared smiles
And shared little joys
Are all seen as reciprocation
But then
Sharing pain in quiesce
Slowing pace to match footsteps
And stepping into darkness
Yet holding a flame of hope
To not lose sight
Of the one with whom
Your soul connects
May not be acts of grandeur
But they too are signs
That love exists even in
Lack of light

©Sakshi Gangwani

Shadow embodiment

Our life shapes itself as per the stories we tell ourself. Somewhere due to conditioning or societal pressures we take up certain roles which form our belief system. These can also be referred to as archetypes and we subconsciously begin to weave our life stories keeping these archetypes as the center of our being. The people we attract in life, the challenges we face, all revolve around the role we have taken up to play. And each role has a light and dark aspect to it. For example: If we take up a role of Victim in life then the light aspect of victim will help us stay aware and not get victimized but its dark aspect is playing a victim card to get positive feedback in the form of pity because someone identifies themselves as a victim there must be a perpetrator, hence everything and everyone else is responsible for everything wrong in their life. They continue to externalize unless they become aware and heal that part of themselves.
Carl Jung says

How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side also if I am to be whole.

The dark side of us, the so called negative emotions are our shadow aspects. And it’s not possible to achieve our true authentic self without dealing with these shadows. Suppression, repression and avoidance of emotions may seem to be an escape but in all honesty, it’s a short term gain for a long term pain. Emotions speak and they continue to scream until we give them an ear and resolve the triggers. Anger, jealousy, resentment all exist just as compassion , empathy and joy. The former set for sure lowers our viberations but if you observe the monitor of ECG machine, the moving wave consisting of high and low point represents life whereas a straight line represents death. Thus, in this journey of life we continue to move from high to low ……from darkness to light. Acceptance, acknowledgement and release is the only way to break free from the cast of gloom and step into light. Give your emotions space even if they are negative, allow yourself to feel, accept and acknowledge their presence but make sure you don’t get stuck in them, don’t make pain your comfort zone and continue to resolve the wounds which act as triggers. Once a wound is healed the negative emotions release and that’s when you will ascend towards light.

Sakshi Gangwani

Journey of Souls

The journey of souls
Is intriguing
While life may appear
Scattered in pieces
But every chaos holds
A distinctive pattern
Each dot connects to another
To weave different stories
Stories of bonds rooted in past
Knotted with a promise of eternity
And the forces of the universe
Set a seance for souls to come together
And those moments of bliss
Even if fated to not last long
Challenge your beliefs
By dismantling the fortified walls
around the heart
To reveal its vulnerability
And memories of such moments
Although give rise to a pang
Yet the beauty of that pain
Often is unwavering

© Sakshi Gangwani


His conflicting emotions
Often jeopardize their smiles
So she asked him
To pause and reflect
What is it that he wants
For everytime his emotions sway
Her heart aches
Drowning her in the
sea of nothingness
And somehow the zest of life
The strength to fight gales
All at once evaporates
In the void his absence creates

©Sakshi Gangwani

Awkward Silence

Sam and Sasha and a story of their first love or maybe it is the story of love that occupied a place in their hearts that could not have been replaced. A short story to depict that life moves and so do people but a part of them remains with the one they truly love.

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Awkward Silence

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