Heartache ❤️

She had dreams like the rest,

Life will be at it’s best,

So full of zest,

She looked ahead feeling blessed.

He turned out to be her nemesis,

With Incessant prejudices,

It’s for her benefit, laid emphasis,

She survived in those edifices.


Something within was dying,

It changed her smile,

When did she last laugh?

It had been awhile.


Her heartached…..

She complained,

They called her insane,

In broken pieces it was laid.


Pick them up …..

Stitch them back,

It’s no big deal,

She was told and it smacked.


Heart was stitched ……

Heartache persists,

She stitched it all,

It now, looked like a thread ball.


Too tender to touch….

Please don’t nudge,

Go on and judge,

She won’t care much.


She locked it away……

In great dismay

No more delays

She now won’t be betrayed.

To be continued….

©Sakshi Gangwani 2018

Source of images: Pinterest


I Can ….

I can do anything…..

Instead of, spending my life anguishing,

I’d rather use it burnishing.

I can do anything…..

Life is full of offerings

Don’t lose hope, if tottering

I can do anything……

Time might be testing,

Laugh it off, jesting,

I can do anything……

Some days might be depressing,

Count on your blessings,

I can do anything……

Unachievable is nothing,

Keep adrenaline gushing,

I can do anything…….

It’s all about strong will,

My dreams will be fulfilled,

I can do anything….

PS: I came across this video and was amazed and inspired. It’s so easy to lose hope and give up on life but these are the people who refused to give up. Kudos to them .

Hope it motivates you all too.

©Sakshi Gangwani 2018

Kadam chota, change bada

We are proud Delhiites, after all we live in the capital of India .

As per WHO survey our city has the worst air quality as compared to any major city of the world and this is nothing to be proud of.

I am a mother of a nine year old boy ,who is suffering from asthma since he was four. You can not imagine the trauma of a parent whose child is asthmatic until you step in their shoes and these aren’t pretty shoes.

Those midnight tours to the hospital’s emergency……those sleepless nights of observing his breathing pattern…….looking at him with those worried eyes when he returns breathless from a football game……. It’s not easy.

A constant fear of what if he gets an asthama attack almost made me paranoid. And then there is anger, on why our government is not doing anything about the pollution in our city? Why can’t they take some major steps to overcome this issue?

With these questions also came realization of,

what are we doing? How are we helping in making our air breathable?

Big changes come by taking small steps

It was my son’s 7th birthday when I thought we should start with educating our little ones about it, since they will define our future. His friends were called for the party and were told about the importance of environment. Each one of them planted a sapling and made a promise that on their respective birthday’s each of them will plant a tree. It was a green birthday party and loads of fun.

It’s been two years and many of them follow this as a tradition and it makes us very proud because change begins at home.

If we don’t do it ..no one will do it for us.

It’s nothing big but this small realization is enough to make these children responsible citizens and take bigger steps in future.

Isn’t it a kadam chota, change bada.

Every change begins with a small step, whether it’s a change within your family, or the whole country! India’s hero, Padman, had its digital premiere on ZEE5, on 11th May. Don’t miss this inspiring true-life story, only on ZEE5. Download the app and subscribe now. For every subscription, ZEE5 will donate Rs. 5 towards the personal hygiene needs of underprivileged women.


I am not religious. I am spiritual.

Believe me it’s not easy….being an Indian and not religious . ….it’s almost a sin.

I remember Mom scolding me every now and then ……..

“kabhi toh mandir Jaya karo” ( sometimes visit the temple) and my reply was always that” my God is within me ” which strangely used to come across as an excuse of not visiting the temple.🤨

All these years and she still sometimes tells me this.

Anyways my family now, knows me, and they have gotten used to me being me.

But the strange thing is that my paintings were always of Hindu Deity’s. I just couldn’t come to paint anything else.

May be it was my way of expressing gratitude. May be deep within I too am religious …..I don’t really know, but they were a great source of catharsis.

I did my last canvas sometime in mid 2013 and haven’t picked up my brushes since. I started my own business that year and couldn’t take out time to paint after that. May be one of these days I’ll start again……let’s see.

I came across a few picture of my paintings and couldn’t help writing this post .

Sharing a few of them with you all . Hope you like them.

Serenity. Half face of Buddha.

Mahadev.( Shiva) After winning a battle here stands the Mahadev glorious and victorious.

Vighneshwara (Ganesh) Destroyer of all obstacles.

Godh (Lap) : Shri Krishna in his mother’s lap.

Magic of murli Shri Krishna playing flute.

©Sakshi Gangwani 2018.

Broken Window

The house was in shambles….

All night, she rambles,

Waiting for dawn to break,

Coz it’s her day’s preamble.

Locked away from world…

In crowd her head whirles,

To run away, she yearns,

House of shambles is her sanctum,

Sitting by the broken Window,

She discards her phantoms.

This place gives her insight…..

Broken window makes way for light,

What a beautiful sight.

The house looks like her life…….

Broken window is her soul,

Doing all the damage control.

There is no need to console,

Sitting by the broken window

She has never felt so whole.

©Sakshi Gangwani 2018

Source of images :Pinterest


Today I will share with you all, an instance which had a lasting impression on me and my life.

Going back to my college days, (as I have mentioned earlier, I graduated with Philosophy major) it was one of our first lectures on Indian philosophy. We all took our seats almost clueless about the subject and how our professor will be?

She walked in the class opened her diary and asked

Tell me which color do you all see?

We were facing blank pages of the diary so, unanimously said it’s white.

She said, no it’s red…..

We said, no it’s white….

The argument went on for a few minutes and I was secretly thinking,

may be she is checking if she can influence us and change our stand…..after all it’s a philosophy class…this must be about how we get influenced by other people etc. etc…..

Finally, she turned the diary…now the cover facing us and asked ,

Tell me which color do you all see?

A few seconds of silence and we all said unanimously, it’s red.

That day we were taught about perception in life ….

No one is completely right and No one is completely wrong. This is the paradox of life.

It’s all about from which side we are looking at things. My side was white…. her side was red ….we were both right, yet wrong in each other’s eyes.

Most of our arguments…fights … disagreements are because of our perceptions. …..our inability to see things from other person’s point of view.

Once we understand this, a lot of our issues get resolved.

I am not saying that I am a saint and have never since, had arguments…….but once the anger subsides ….it gets easier to move on…..it gives an insight of how to get that problem resolved.

I hope this post is as helpful to you as this lesson was to me.

Would love to get your feedback.

©Sakshi Gangwani 2018


They told her not to Dream…..

Her eyes lost their gleam,

Tears flowed like a stream

She had no rights it seemed.

Several nights came and went…

Sitting by the window she had spent,

Sleeping…. she did not intent,

Coz dreams will Advent,

A walk outside might refresh

It might release all the stress

Need to sleep suppressed

Tired muscles streched

She walked aimlessly,

In her thoughts possessed.

No this will not help,

She took a turn,

…..Bumped and yelped.

A handsome face took her by surprise

A firm grip, those penetrating eyes,

Someone help her stabilize.

It Looked all too surreal

When did her dream become real

They talked for hours,

They walked for hours….

Holding her in his arms……..

Go to sleep my dear,

I’ll be your dream catcher

He whispered……

In her ears.

©Sakshi Gangwani 2018

Source of images :Pinterest

Unconditional Love

You make me feel alive,

With that look of pride,

Smile so wide,

My heart leaps inside.

All your first times,

Shifted my life’s paradigms.

Your first cry,

Brought tears in my eyes.


Your tiny hands….

Those tiny feet,

Oh! how it made me feel complete.


That first step,

On wobbly legs,

You were a li’l thing full of pep.


The first time you spoke,

My heart broke,

It wasn’t Ma….it was Papa……😛.


Your hugs and kisses,

Fill me with blisses,

God has granted all my wishes.


You make me feel beautiful,

Even on days I look awful,

Your presence makes sure….

Worries won’t jostle.


You taught me a new meaning of love,

To give you the best, I behove.

Epicenter of my life

Without you I cannot survive.

*This pic is blur but it’s one of my favorite moments.

©Sakshi Gangwani 2018

*This post is dedicated to my son. I hope the day I make him read it, he likes it. I hope he catches the emotions and feels my love for him .

You are my precious little thing. Love you to the moon and back.


First rays of sunshine,

in a cold winter morning…..

Aroma in the air is heart warming.

Hazy vision, all too adorning,

No noises outside….

No need to hide,

Worries will be untied,

If in nature, I could confide.

Stiff shoulders relaxed……

Walls around me collapsed,

And time simply lapsed.

Morning turned to night…….

I stayed mesmerized,

Away from reality,

Renewed vitality,

Wrapped in a blanket of tranquility.

©Sakshi Gangwani 2018

Source of images: Pinterest

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